Early Childhood Workforce 2020 Plan

The Early Childhood Leadership Commission (ECLC) endorsed Colorado’s Early Childhood Workforce 2020 Plan, an ambitious roadmap that promotes a qualified and diverse early childhood workforce for Colorado. Created by stakeholders across the state and guided by the ECPD Advisory, the plan has a strong emphasis on recruiting, retaining, compensating, and supporting the early childhood workforce.

The plan was developed as part of Transforming the Early Childhood Workforce in Colorado, a public-private partnership between Colorado Department of Education, Colorado Department of Human Services, and Early Milestones Colorado, with support from Gary Community Investments and Buell Foundation.  

Thank you to all of the providers and stakeholders throughout Colorado for your hard work in developing this plan.  

We look forward to working with you to accomplish the aspiring and visionary goals!  


PD Workforce 2020 Plan Executive Summary

Letter from the Lt. Governor, Donna Lynne