Program Quality and Alignment Subcommittee

CO-CHAIRS: Letty Bass, Melissa Colsman and ANNA JO HAYNES

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 The purpose of the Program Quality and Alignment Subcommittee is to identify opportunities for, and barriers to, the alignment of standards, rules, policies, and procedures across programs and agencies that support young children and to enhance the alignment and provision of services and supports for young children. 

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The PQA Subcommittee will serve as the advisory body for the “Colorado Shines Brighter” $5.8 million Preschool Development Grant (PDG), which Colorado was recently awarded. The purpose of the grant is to support the state in efforts to analyze the current landscape of the early care and learning mixed delivery system and implement changes to the system that maximize high quality care and education for low income families, improve the quality of care, streamline administrative infrastructure and improve state-level
early childhood care and education funding efficiencies. For more information on the grant, please visit:

The PQA Subcommittee will create a regular structure for communication on the grant, as well as an opportunity to provide feedback and share best practices on the grant’s implementation throughout 2019.  

Here is a list of the recordings from the meetings:

February 8, 2019: Webinar    Slides     Feedback (Send to
March 8, 2019: Webinar Slides Submit Strategic Plans and Needs Assessments
April 12, 2019: Webinar Slides Submit Meeting Dates
May 10, 2019: Webinar Slides Draft Innovative Ideas document
June 14, 2019: Webinar Slides Submit Meeting Dates
July 12, 2019: Webinar Slides PDG Stakeholder Focus Group Flyer, PDG Families Focus Group Flyer, PDG Families Focus Group Flyer in Spanish
August 9, 2019: Webinar Slides Please Share PDG Information with Providers and Families!
September 13, 2019: Webinar Slides Early Childhood Forums Flyer
October 11, 2019: Webinar Slides PDG Needs Assessment Feedback on Definitions PDG Strategic Plan Survey

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